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EZSale solution set

EZSale - OPTIMIZED solution set to support businesses to SEARCH, ANALYZE customers and increase SALES OPPORTUNITIES effectively

Searching Customer Engine Searching Customer Engine

Searching Customer Engine

Automatically collect lead information on social networks.

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Callbot Virtual Switchboard Callbot Virtual Switchboard

Callbot Virtual Switchboard

Call 1000 simultaneous calls, work 24/7 with available script.

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Telesale Online Team Telesale Online Team

Telesale Online Team

The team of consultants are well-trained and fully managed by the EZSale system.

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CDP Solution and Smart Call Center CDP Solution and Smart Call Center

CDP Solution and Smart Call Center

App for multi-source customer management, job assignment, customer service calls and automated customer care campaigns.

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EZSale's Solutions

1. Searching customer engine

Integrate Social Listening tool - Listen to customer needs on social networks, convert collected data into a set of potential customers for businesses.

Increase 60% of potential customers without depending on advertising. Set of customers were collected regularly, close to the target customer portrait, no need to depend on advertising.

Save 30% on data mining costs compared to other methods. Data mining is quick, easy and fully automatic, not only highly effective but also cost-effective compared to other methods.

EZSale's Solutions
2. Callbot virtual switchboard
The voice is up to 92% natural, the script is available to optimize the user experience.
Fast and accurate customer data processing speed. The ability to process large amounts of data in a short period of time, making 5000 calls/hour simultaneously.
Accurately classify customer data files according to actual needs. Data classification based on scenario is designed according to each type of customer requirements.

3. Telesale Online Team

The team of consultants are well-trained, experienced, have been trained on products, are able to grasp customer scenarios quickly and process data according to business's scenarios.
Make calls right on the mobile app, call information is managed by EZSale's CRM system. Enterprises have complete control over the volume and quality of work.
Save money on recruiting and training consultants. Flexible, easy to use in a short time.
3. Telesale Online Team
4. CDP Solution and Smart Call Center
Easy remote management. Assigning jobs, automatically divide work for telesales staff. Dividing and evaluating the appropriate KPI for each person.
Managing and classifing customers according to each stage, project, set goal. Easily review the history of working with customers.
Reduce 30% of operating costs by integrating recruitment, training, and management processes on the same EZSale system.

5. Customer CRM connection solution

Integrating EZSale's switchboard with enterprise's CRM, making it easier to manage, avoiding missing connections and transitions between sections.
Unifying data, reducing working tools, businesses do not need to spend the cost of deploying a switchboard system.
Cross-platform support for Mobile (iOS, Android, React Native, Phonegap) and JavaScript. Fast and secure integration.
5. Customer CRM connection solution

Let EZSale accompany your business on the way to conquer customers

Applying EZSale in business fields

Solve the problem of reaching the right customer files who want to buy real estate, limiting dependence on advertising.

More than 50 real estate businesses trust and successfully use the EZSale solution suite

Bringing huge and even revenue for real estate businesses, high commissions for consultants.

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Solve the problem of finding students who need to register for classes automatically, saving time and effort in searching in the usual way.

More than 30 educational centers trust EZSale, which has brought good results when used.

Save up to 30% on customer search costs per month, double revenue compared to conventional methods.

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Search and increase customers with needs to buy insurance by geographical area.

More than 30 businesses have successfully deployed the EZSale solution suite.

Data yield increased by 30% compared to the conventional approach without advertising.

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Solve the problem of scarcity of customer data and secure customer transaction information.

More than 20 businesses trust and successfully use the EZSale solution suite.

Bringing a source of customer data with great potential, customer information is kept the most secure.

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Improve service quality and enhance customer experience.

More than 30 service businesses trust and choose to accompany EZSale.

The number of satisfied customers increased, improving the reputation and brand spread of the service industry.

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Applying EZSale in business fields

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