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EZSale Accompanies Novaland To Complete Real Estate Sales Activities

1. Novaland Real Estate – Big 4 In The Field Of Real Estate

Novaland Real Estate is a member of the NovaGroup ecosystem. Nearly 30 years of operation in the field of Real Estate, the enterprise is currently the leading prestigious name in our country in the field of real estate business and investment.

Novaland focuses on 3 main product lines: Urban, Industrial and Tourism real estate. With a total land fund of 10,600ha, the company owns up to 50 large-scale projects, mostly in the southern provinces. Thanks to the trend-leading projects, Novaland has contributed significantly to the development of urban and tourism in Vietnam and improved the quality of life of the majority of the population in the Southern region.


With the mission: Create community – Build destination – Cultivate joy. Enterprises always aim at true values in creating a quality living community with attractive destinations, thereby cultivating joy and connecting people with people. And arouse true happiness from within us.

2. Difficulties On The Sales Journey Of Novaland Real Estate

To become a big and developed business like today, Novaland Real Estate has faced many difficulties and challenges. Especially existing on a potential business market but also extremely fierce competition.

It can be said that the difficulty that Novaland faces is also a very common problem that many other real estate businesses face. That is:

Heavy pressure for Telesale when having to classify Data very manually!

  • The amount of data of Novaland is usually very large and most of them are handled by humans. Every day Telesale will have to call on average  80-100 customers to classify Data by different groups. This creates boredom if continuously doing for a long time. Sometimes work overload makes Telesale employees depressed, the job hopping rate is high.
  • Moreover, large amounts of data will take a long time to process. Because work performance will be limited by strength and psychology. This makes Novaland miss important opportunities by not reaching people with real needs in time.
  • Calling too much also makes the call quality not guaranteed. Staff are often confused with information, forgetting what the guest just said. I can’t even remember calling this person. Because of that, the content of the exchange is also easily distracted, missing important messages. It directly affects Novaland’s business results.

It can be said, not only with Novaland Real Estate. Categorizing and handling large amounts of data is a problem for most businesses in this industry. But mostly they are still handling in the traditional way as mentioned.

Novaland is aware that the effectiveness of the current approach is not high. Especially in this era, not applying technology to business is flawed. Therefore, to increase competitive advantage and overcome that difficulty. Novaland decided to change to move towards more important goals.

3. How Has EZSale Helped Novaland Real Estate Improve Its Sales Activities?

After a period of research, exchange and negotiation. Novaland has decided to choose EZSale as a companion in the improvement of its sales department.

EZSale is a solution to support the development of the sales department including 4 solutions:

  • Customer search engine
  • Callbot virtual switchboard
  • Telesale Online Team
  • CDP + Smart Call Center system

With the problem that Novaland Real Estate is facing, using the Callbot Virtual Switchboard is the most effective solution.

Callbot can process large amount of data in a short time using A.I:

As mentioned above, the average Telesale of Novaland calls 80-100 customers/day. Assuming a business has 5000 customers, it takes up to 5 days for 10 employees to sort them all out. While using EZSale’s Callbot Virtual PBX, by artificial intelligence it can call 5000KH/hour. The performance is many times greater than the traditional way.

Thanks to such quick sorting, EZSale helps businesses expand their reach. And more time to focus on exploiting real leads. At the same time, the amount of data that is overloaded in the peak season will not be “stagnant”, avoiding missing customers with urgent needs.


However, Callbot is set up according to the required business scenario. It is performed by a real human voice, creating a natural like human. Thanks to this advantage, it can flexibly interact with customers, catch the right “keyword”, create optimal communication efficiency.

Not limited by strength and emotions, Callot’s work performance is great. It can get dozens of rejection responses a day without ever getting discouraged. EZSale’s Callbot helped Novaland process Data in a flash, saving 62% of Data classification costs and implementation time.

Thus, EZSale’s Callbot has helped Novaland Real Estate solve the problem of data processing very effectively. With the benefits and business results that it brings, EZSale believes that Novaland will continue to be one of the leading prestigious real estate groups in our country.

4. What Else Can EZSale Do For Real Estate Businesses?

In addition to Callbot, the remaining solutions of EZSale also support the business activities of real estate businesses:

Find and increase customers quickly

With EZSale, businesses can search for Data on multiple platforms: Facebook, Google Maps and Business Registration. Most of the groups on FB sharing real estate buying and selling are usually very active. The target customers of the business appear on these forums also a lot.

If before, businesses had to spam to produce a small amount of data. Now, just scan with EZSale’s tool, those data will be in the hands of businesses after only 30 minutes. More importantly, the data will be scanned according to the customer profile of the business. From there, it will limit the amount of virtual data, garbage data.

EZSale’s customer search tool can help increase the number of potential customers by 57% for businesses. Thereby saving 20% ​​of the cost of finding customers. Those numbers are not small compared to the real estate sector. The time is also significantly shortened, so that the progress of reaching customers is faster.


Manage your sales team effectively thanks to the CRM System

For Sale often have to go to the market or work remotely. EZSale provides Novaland with an automated tracking system with “Location Report” feature in CRM. Here, employees can time attendance right on mobile devices. EZSale will automatically locate the employee’s current location accurately, providing photo verification with clear attendance history.

All Sales KPIs are also updated instantly on EZSale’s system. Help both Sales and Manager always know the work situation. EZSale’s tools help businesses save up to 30% in sales management costs and time reading – understanding overlapping report types.

Moreover, EZSale also provides automatic reminders, with checkin, checkout twice a day and regular to-do reminders. Help Sales control work more closely as well as follow closely the work goals

Having a standard customer care process, integrating many tools on one system

Typically, businesses can make calls right on the EZSale application without using any other tools. Call history, customer information and detailed call statistics are automatically stored as soon as the employee turns off the phone. Even employees can call and review the script at the same time to follow the necessary content. Helps to simplify the workflow.

Besides, by supporting businesses to design websites/landing pages and directly link them to EZSale’s system. It allows all data to be automatically dumped into a single system, helping to keep data consistent. Website and landing page will be designed according to the requirements of the business.

Your customers are also taken care of very often and periodically thanks to ZNS, SMS and MMS. Help your business brand always be imprinted in the minds of customers. Contributing significantly in increasing sales and business development.

5. Conclusion

Thus, it can be affirmed that EZSale is the right choice of Novaland Real Estate in solving the problem of data classification. Especially for the real estate industry that owns a huge amount of data, using Callbot is an extremely reasonable choice.

As a real estate business, are you facing the same problem as Novaland Real Estate? Immediately contact EZSale for more detailed advice on the ability that EZSale can support your business.

Hotline: 098 154 9988. 24/7 service, may respond slower on holidays!

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