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How Did Shine Home Create An Outstanding Competitive Advantage?

With the increasingly popular trend of modern living, the interior architecture industry in Vietnam has developed rapidly in recent years. This has led to fierce competition among competitors in the same field. Therefore, it is necessary to find ways to create for themselves advantages and a firm foothold in the industry, to win the love and trust of customers.

One of the ways that Shine Home chooses is to accompany EZSale to find, exploit and increase sales opportunities for themselves. Thereby creating a difference in business compared to other competitors in the same industry.

So what are the specific difficulties that Shine Home has faced? How did EZSale help them solve the problem? Please refer to the information in the article below

About Shine Home

Shine Home Interior Architecture Joint Stock Company was established in 2015 and gathers many highly qualified and well-trained architects and construction engineers. With the desire to bring customers the most satisfactory furniture product lines, Shine Home’s staff is always constantly learning, improving their knowledge, catching up with new trends of the world to bring customers The most perfect living space.

Currently, Shine Home has completed more than 300 large architectural and interior projects across the country and Shine Home always strives to bring quality products at optimal costs, always putting the interests of customers first. above all.

On the other hand, Shine Home always strives to become a reputable partner of the affiliated units, ensuring the interests of the parties and aiming for common interests. In particular, Shine Home is committed to ensuring the quality and progress of the works and projects. Customer satisfaction, the difference, the unique mark of the project is what Shine Home is aiming for.


Difficulties Shine Home Faces In Business

No Potential Customer Data For Sales Team

When people’s needs are higher and higher, the desire to own a house with a beautiful design, full of utilities and suitable for feng shui is what many homeowners want. Therefore, many interior architecture firms were born to meet that great demand.

However, the demand is much, but for Shine Home to get information about customers, it is not easy when the competition between businesses is very fierce. The competition for each customer and customer segment is a constant battle when it is a decisive factor for the success or failure of the business because customers are the ones who bring in revenue, profit, and expenses. pay for all activities in the business.

Besides, the lack of customers causes Shine Home to be greatly affected in expanding its scale as well as making appropriate marketing strategies for each stage and each customer when Shine Home will find it difficult to collect. Collecting information such as: demographics, needs, habits, … give the most standard customer portrait to have the most suitable business strategy

Difficulty In Accurately Classifying Customer Data

In the early stages when the number of customers is small and Shine Home can fully capture their information to make appropriate care moves. However, as the customer data set increases, it becomes more difficult to control and classify customers.

Therefore, when customer classification faces many difficulties, Shine Home cannot accurately identify target customer groups to be able to provide them with suitable products quickly.

On the other hand, Shine Home also has difficulties in reaching new customers, determining the geographical location, customer group and the period when they are hesitant to find the right care direction, increasing the number of customers. closing rate.

Marketing strategy will also be affected when it is not possible to come up with a highly effective customer care strategy to increase the closing rate, bringing a great source of revenue for Shine Home.

Customer Data Management Faces Many Obstacles

When customer data is scattered, not centralized has made Shine Home quite difficult to exploit customers when:

Missing important information: Shine does not monitor all customer information, so the chance of missing customer information is very large, which affects Shine’s process of increasing sales opportunities. Home

It takes a lot of time to do manual reports: Synthesizing reports and analyzing data has caused headaches and time-consuming problems for Shine Home managers when storing customer data is scattered. Especially, when the number of customers is large, it is much more difficult.

Monitoring and evaluating the activities of employees with difficulties: With manual methods: reporting directly orally, via email or messenger… this makes it difficult to check back when needed.


How Does EZSale Help Shine Home Solve The Problem?

With the above difficulties, Shine Home has come to EZSale to find their own way not only to solve the above difficulties quickly but also to bring them their own breakthrough opportunities. Specifically:

55% Increase in Potential Customers Quickly Thanks to Customer Finder

According to many furniture business people, over 70% of customers know and buy their products through online sales channels including Facebook. Therefore, seizing this opportunity, Shine Home has chosen to use the customer search engine to have more target customer data.

With the feature of scanning potential customer data from competitors’ Groups, Fanpages, articles, …., Shine Home has quickly increased 55% of potential customers with its desired portrait. in a very short period of time without spending too much on running ads

The customer search engine will retrieve the UID, phone number, email of the group members, comment in the article so that can exploit and actively reach the target customers. As a result, the opportunity to increase revenue can be expanded more effectively

Categorize Customer Data Into Suitable Groups In Short Time

Customer classification plays an important and indispensable role in sales and customer care activities. When the operation is effectively implemented, it will help easily approach, grasp the psychology and needs of customers to offer the most suitable solution.

With the option to use callbot, quickly got a standard customer data set thanks to the feature that can make 5000 calls/hour. Thanks to that, it is easy to identify who are potential customers, rejected customers, busy customers, ….

Fast customer classification is the optimal way to help Shine Home save time and effort in customer management. Besides, dividing appropriate customer segments, customer care plans and marketing strategies will be more effective when targeting the right target customers.

On the other hand, this also helps Shine Home to better meet demand, improve customer experience, retain customers more effectively and increase conversion rate into loyal customers. In addition, thereby helping Shine Home optimize investments and save costs in customer service.


Customer Data Is Stored Uniformly On One System

With the traditional way, Shine Home has to use a lot of different software and platforms for management such as lead management and marketing campaigns, customer list management, SMS email management, ….. However, choosing to use the CDP + SmartCallCenter system has made data management much easier.

CDP + SamrtCallCenter allows to collect, store and unify all customer data on a single platform. As a result, managers can easily grasp a 360° panorama of customers, the basis for making effective strategies to approach, sell and retain customers.

Besides, with the ability to automatically assign jobs, assign customers, divide KPIs according to the capacity of each Telesale employee as well as be able to evaluate staff capacity and business performance based on KPI reports. and work results.

All details of customer interaction history will be updated in real time. Managers can listen back to any calls that have taken place between employees and customers. This helps avoid loss of information as well as makes it easier to adjust the script, improving skills for each employee.


It can be seen that choosing to use the EZSale solution suite has helped Shine Home solve many business difficulties. Since then, opening up new opportunities as well as creating a competitive advantage over many competitors in the same industry.

If your business is also facing the same difficulties as Shine Home and is struggling to find a solution to the problem, do not hesitate to contact EZSale via Hotline: 0981 549 988 for free support and advice. just today!

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