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The Magic Conquer Customers Successfully With EZSale Solution Kit

Currently, competitive strategies for businesses play a very important role. Especially the rapid change of the industry along with the increasing demand for products from customers. Because only when creating for themselves a distinct competitive advantage can businesses survive long-term and develop sustainably.

To get a certain competitive advantage in today’s market; Every business needs to have its own strategy to be most effective. And to have the opportunity to have an edge over competitors in the same industry, The Magic has chosen EZSale to accompany them on the way to conquering customers.

So specifically, what are the difficulties that The Magic encounters? How did EZSale help The Magic troubleshoot those problems? Let’s find out right through the article below

About The Magic Company

The Magic Education and Skills Training Joint Stock Company is the exclusive agency for the program “Life skills, Soroban and Finger Math, preparation for grade 1”, a program to develop skills and intelligence. best for kids from 4 to 15 years old, founded in 2020.

The Magic is a pioneer in Vietnam to develop a comprehensive set of skills training tools for children from intellectual and moral character to children. Certificate of Intellectual Property Rights is granted by the Copyright Office, which is the leading prestigious educational agency teaching children’s intellectual thinking and skills training programs in the country.

Referring to The Magic is referring to a quality and reputable educational institution established with the goal of bringing the passion, enthusiasm, creativity and wisdom of the company’s members to legitimately enrich themselves. body and society by educating “mind, virtue, body, beauty” to all Vietnamese students. Up to now, The Magic is one of the leading educational companies in Vietnam with the motto of “love the job” , prestige, professionalism and efficiency”


Difficulties The Magic Encountered In The Process Of Conquering Customers

Obstacles in growing new customers

With increasingly fierce competition in the market, The Magic has encountered many difficulties in finding ways to increase new target customers. When customers have more and more different choices, how to stand out, customers trust and choose you is not easy.

The fact that The Magic could not find a way out to get a new set of customers made the business suffer greatly when:

+ Business strategy affected: Without new customer groups, The Magic will have difficulty in getting the most standard customer portrait to come up with a suitable business strategy. The collection of information such as: demographics, needs, habits, … will become more difficult.

+ Difficulty in maintaining and surviving: Customers are the ones who bring profits and decide the existence of a business, not only The Magic. So without customers, The Magic had difficulty maintaining its existence as well as increasing profits and revenue.

+ The business’s brand is not promoted: The fact that customers do not choose The Magic is the most accurate measure of the business’s position in the market. The brand of the business is difficult to get closer to the target customers.

Difficulty To Accurately Categorize Targeted Customers

Customer classification is an important and necessary operation for The Magic to make a customer care strategy easier. However, as the customer data set grows, it becomes more and more difficult to control. The sales staff is struggling to process large volumes of data in a short period of time as well as frustrated in the collection of too large junk data.

On the other hand, The Magic also misses a lot of opportunities to reach customers in need when processing data is delayed, which loses the opportunity to increase the number of potential customers as well as the marketing activities of the business. no small influence

Not to mention, the large amount of customer information has caused The Magic to spend too much time and effort in customer management, which affects the customer care plan and the marketing strategy is not highly effective. when not targeting the right audience.


Tired of Manually Managing Customer and Employee Data

The Magic has to deal with the fact that customer data is stored separately on many separate systems, there is no single platform to unify and clean the data to view all of a customer’s data from one location. single point of view. This makes it impossible for businesses to create a seamless customer experience.

When data collection and storage is fragmented and unmanageable, there are serious risks to the security of sensitive customer data. Not to mention the possibility of data loss and non-recoverability, or the data falling into the wrong hands or adversaries.

On the other hand, for managers, it will be difficult to grasp the performance and working speed of each employee. Since then, it will be difficult to accurately assess the capacity of each person, so dividing KPIs to suit each employee is also more obstacles to achieving the best work efficiency.

In addition, The Magic cannot check the quality of calls that have taken place with customers, so it is difficult to capture the exchanged information to adjust the telesale scenario to suit each customer.

How Did EZSale Support The Magic?

Customer search engine helps The Magic have a better business strategy

Choosing to use a customer search engine has played an important role in The Magic’s business when:

Revenue is significantly improved when having new customers. With the ability to scan customer data on the facebook platform, the customer search engine helps The Magic get more customers from groups, articles, … of competitors. Thanks to that, there is no need to spend too much on advertising but still receive a large amount of data

The cost is not as large as running ads, but the amount of data brought is quite large, increasing 40-50% of potential customers in a short period of time. Specifically, with only 66,000 VND/day, The Magic actively sought and flexibly approached customers in a more flexible way than the traditional method.

The Magic’s sales staff are more proactive in implementing effective marketing strategies for products and services to target customers and bring in effective revenue.

Better define your target audience and customer persona. Thereby, there will be more suitable business strategies as well as expanding the scope of business activities.

Simplify customer segmentation with CallBot

Customer classification is an important and necessary job that The Magic needs to do because it has an important role that can be seen as:

Helping The Magic to accurately identify target customer groups. Thereby providing them with suitable products and services based on age group, occupational group or geographical location, etc. Thus, they can easily reach new and identified customers. know the geographical location, the target group of customers and the period when they are hesitant to find the right care direction, increasing the closing rate.

Performing classification helps businesses solve the difficulties in adjusting the target to the audience while meeting the needs of specific customer groups.

Not only creating conditions for developing marketing strategies, customer classification also helps The Magic optimize costs and time for customer care services. Effective customer care and high closing rate will bring great revenue to businesses.

The quality of the data set is more standard, the sales staff is no longer bored and spends too much time in identifying the right target customers. This helps the quality of work also increase, bringing more effective revenue

CDP + SmartCallCenter – Effective and Safe Customer Information Management


The importance of customer information management in the business is an issue that no one can deny. With the choice to use CDP, The Magic has helped solve many difficulties, specifically:

The CDP system helps The Magic to manage customer information uniformly thanks to multi-channel integration. This makes customer care campaigns easier. Maximize the power of customer information.

Managers can easily capture the exact work results of their employees. From there, it is possible to assign jobs and divide KPIs according to the capacity of each employee as well as adjust the business plan to the best fit.

All customer information will be automatically stored on a single system, EZSale. Thanks to that, employees can call directly on the app. On the other hand, the details of every call with the customer will also be updated in real time as well as listen to the recording of every call. This helps The Magic have a better customer care scenario. Besides, also grasp the weaknesses of employees to improve skills

In addition, SmartCallCenter encrypts phone numbers, so all customer information will be kept safe and absolute, so it is very unlikely that information is leaked when Sale quits.


When the business becomes more and more difficult, it is necessary for businesses to find themselves a suitable direction to survive and develop. The Magic was wise when choosing EZSale to better support its business. Not only solve some of the difficulties of increasing new customer files, classify and manage customer data more effectively.

If your business is facing difficulties like The Magic. Do not hesitate to contact us immediately via Hotline: 0981 549 988 for free support today!

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