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Payment Methods

EZSale’s service payment methods include:

EZSale has a customer service department that always receives requests and information from customers 24/7. Therefore, as soon as we receive a customer’s contact, request for consultation or online service registration information, we will contact you immediately by phone or email for more specific advice. When you decide to use our service, there will be 3 payment methods for you to choose from that best suit you. These forms of payment are extremely quick and convenient for customers to use

Form 1: Collect fees on-site

EZSale staff will proactively contact you and make an appointment for you at the most convenient time to collect fees on-site when we receive your request to register for the service.

Form 2: Payment via bank transfer or Internet Banking

Customers can go to any bank transaction office, ATM or use the Internet Banking feature to pay by transferring money to our following account:

1. Beneficiary: WINDSoft Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company

2. Contact number: 0051103232008

3. Bank: Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Dien Bien Phu Branch

Form 3: Pay directly at the office

Address: 2nd Floor, Housing Building, No. 299 Trung Kinh, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Phone: 0981 549 988



After payment is completed, EZSale staff will confirm and complete and hand over the service to you.

We at EZSale always support you 24/7

Please contact Hotline: 0981 549 988. With a team of highly qualified staff specializing in providing business support solutions for individuals and businesses nationwide